We’re In This Together

We think it goes without saying how much we’re looking forward to welcoming you all to our temporary home tomorrow as we embark on new territory for the 2019/20 season.

So much work has gone on behind the scenes; it’s not just the players that have been sweating it out over the summer. From the match day operators, sales and marketing volunteers, kit men and all of our merry band of helpers have been working tirelessly to ensure as positive start to the season as possible and to give you the platform to enjoy every experience with us.
We hope you can show your unwavering support to Kuhly’s young men as they set up for the opening game of the season in what will be a tough and physical league.
To ensure you have the best possible experience; we could sit here and type out the lists of do’s and don’ts but ultimately it’s allowing common sense to prevail. We all know that you can be passionate without aggression, you can be vocal without being abusive and you can be supportive of your own team without taking offence of away supporters passion of their own.
We know you can be the best supporters in the league (and beyond) and with our new era as a community club we can assure you that we’re all together in that support. Whether it’s an official of the club, a hearty volunteer or a player – we all want the same thing.
In truth, we simply cannot afford to pay the fines that we have done during our recent history. We all need to harness our passion for the blue and yellow of Basingstoke and ensure it’s there to propel us forward – not hold us back.
So, as we look forward to another opening day. It’s time to back Kuhly’s young boys; be proudly vocal, be supportive and encouraging, and if our chips are ever down – be even more resolute in your unwavering positive support because it could make all the difference.
Be proud to be Basingstoke and we’ve no doubt that these boys will be doing everything they can to offer you lasting memories. This is the start of something new, a positive future. No Stepping Back.
Be the difference. Let’s change ‘feeling blue’ into a positive.

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