Website Launch

Welcome to the new Basingstoke Town Football Club Website. You will notice several changes to the layout of the site, which we hope will make it easier for you to find information and news items.

There are also several new sections to explore, including stats that have previously been hosted by James on the Unofficial Fanzine site, and our new online shop, which will enable you to purchase our currently stocked items – plus the end of season Limited Edition Home Shirt! – with the aim of expanding this to include further merchandise, and eventually season tickets.

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  1. W.A.Matthews

    Not quite sure whether I am in the right spot, but I am keen to read match reports after games as I live in Cambridgeshire. Those for this seasons friendlies have been read, but they were a little difficult to locate.. However , my request is that a copy of the team sheet with match reports would be very helpful.
    Best regards,

    1. Martin French

      Hi Bill,
      As stated on the Fans Forum, we will look to do a match report, with team sheets. There are a lack of volunteers currently to undertake all the current tasks.
      Last season I did a fairly in-depth match report on away games, which included our line-up, which I added on the Forum. However, this is a rather time consuming role, and sometimes takes away the enjoyment of actually watching the game, so I can’t guarantee I will do one this in such depth this season.
      There is currently someone who does some home match reports, and I will try and get him to add the line-ups on there.

      I hope this helps in someway for you to keep connected with the Club’s performances.
      Martin French..

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