Save The Camrose

FA Campaign Ties With Camrose

FA launch Survive, Revive and Thrive campaign which highlights, again, the importance of Sport and our own return to the Camrose. As many of you will know; our community club has created a ‘Save the Camrose’ committee of which the primary objective is to demonstrate the community club’s ability to operate its own site and outline why the Camrose is the ideal place and rightful home for football in the community. The committee is currently… Read More »FA Campaign Ties With Camrose

#HistoryIsWatching Council Meeting

Earlier this week we confirmed that we would be inviting Basingstoke & Deane councillors to a meeting regarding our position on the Camrose and our vision of how our club can make a true impact on its community. We can confirm that at the time of writing we have had responses from six of the 59 councillors that we sent our invitation to. Attending the meeting will be: Ken Rhatigan, Rebecca Bean, Gary Watts,  Andrew McCormick,… Read More »#HistoryIsWatching Council Meeting

Council Letters: #HistoryIsWatching

As part of our ongoing campaign to ‘Save The Camrose’ and secure Basingstoke Town Community Football Club’s future within the town – we have penned letters to each of the Basingstoke & Deane councillors to seek clarification of their individual positions and stance on the future of our club. In the letter we address the urgent need for action to ensure the sustainable future of our 125 year old club and the part that they… Read More »Council Letters: #HistoryIsWatching