Statement: Willand Rovers FC

Basingstoke FC News Alert

Following a good performance and a well-earned point from our young side at home to Willand Rovers yesterday; we were saddened to witness what followed shortly after the final whistle.

A number of physical and verbal altercations took place; instigated by a small group of people.

Now, being under FA investigation; we will cooperate fully with the authorities and seek further advice to ensure it does not happen again. The fine which we will incur is one we simply cannot afford.

Whilst we appreciate true fans will need no reminder; our mission is to encourage the passionate support and following of Basingstoke Town Football Club from people of all ages, families and individuals. Some of yesterday’s scenes left young children in tears; it simply will not be tolerated.

We are incredibly proud of our hardworking voluntary stewards; we regard them as some of the best in non-league football. They should not be subject to having to deal with such situations.

‘Support’ is not led by aggression, foul language or verbal/physical abuse of opposition guests or players. There is a clear and obvious distinction between the creation of an exciting atmosphere and a toxic unwelcoming environment.

True supporters of any non-league club will be aware of the limitations, financial constraints and pressures clubs are under and would not put their club in a position which could cost them financially, reduction of volunteers and other fans attending.

We do not wish this episode to overshadow what was a good performance from our Basingstoke side, however, we want to ensure that true Basingstoke Town supporters are aware that the situation is and will be dealt with.

We are conducting an investigation into this and if anyone has any concerns, please email