Council Letters: #HistoryIsWatching

As part of our ongoing campaign to ‘Save The Camrose’ and secure Basingstoke Town Community Football Club’s future within the town – we have penned letters to each of the Basingstoke & Deane councillors to seek clarification of their individual positions and stance on the future of our club.

Basingstoke Town FC continue their campaign with saving the Camrose Ground.

Join the campaign for Football and for our community.

In the letter we address the urgent need for action to ensure the sustainable future of our 125 year old club and the part that they can play in securing that.

We have also outlined the current position but most importantly have asked for a response questioning their ability, desire and willingness to help us achieve our community focusses goal. In conjunction with this letter, we have invited each councillor to a virtual meeting next week.

We are aware of comments from the council leader Cllr Rhatigan in the Basingstoke Gazette, and we will be seeking a meeting with him to discuss his comments in due course.

We will continue to keep everyone up to date with progress.