Response To Upholding The ACV

As a Community Club, we are of course pleased that the Council has maintained its decision to approve the classification of our long term home and iconic Camrose ground as an asset of community value. Notwithstanding the decision, we are, somewhat dismayed by assertions and claims contained within Basron’s appeal, aimed at our Community Club, which appear to be without foundation.

New Save The Camrose Committee Chairman, Colin Stoker noted “The points that are referenced in their letter to the council contain statements that have not been substantiated and which appear to be based on opinion without consideration of fact”.

It must be stressed that our Club was evicted from the Camrose and that the only option that it had to play football in Basingstoke was to move to Winklebury – a short term emergency arrangement- which can never be considered as a permanent home nor equal to, or better, than the actual and potential facilities afforded by the Camrose ground.

The alleged cost included in the ACV appeal for returning the stadium to a serviceable condition is unsubstantiated and disputed. Stoker continued “It should be noted that some of that decay has been exacerbated by the destruction of what once was an enviable playing surface along with a lack of security to protect the ground itself.

We are pleased that the Local Authority acknowledges the shortcomings of the appeal and has upheld the original decision. It is disappointing that the appeal raised arguments against the ACV certification in such a way. As a Community Club, we ask that Basron will take the time to truly consider what the Camrose was and represents – a true, historic community treasure.

The response we received is laid out in full below:

ACV Review Decision Camrose Football Stadium 15.04.21