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“I didn’t get much sleep, put it that way. It was a real gutting blow [losing on penalties], particularly when you look at the amount of chances we created and the quality of them – we deserved to win but the reality is, as we all know – that’s not how football works. For as good as Chichester were, and make no mistake, they’re a very good side and I’ve no doubt they’ll be contesting right at the very top of their league – we shouldn’t be allowing teams to come back from 2-0 down at any stage, but particularly with a man advantage. We’ve already cited a few things that will help in that manner.”

“Looking ahead, there were of course lots of positives to take out of the game and as for the negatives – we’ll work on them. The discussions post game were led mainly by the group and the common denominator was that we have to learn from it. Yes, we should feel frustrated, angry and disappointed – but for the greater good we have to utilise those feelings transform them into fuel.”

“Dunny [Simon Dunn], Vickers [Danny Vickers] and D’andre are probably 4/5 weeks away, but with the spread of games they’re not going to miss as much football as first feared. Adam [Everiss] should make a return to the squad at the weekend too. So we’ll get stronger with time not only with returnees but the more this squad learn about each other – the better we’ll be for it.”

“We’ve built a good honest side here and whilst they are still a relatively new group, the changing room is a good one – and that is only going to get better. We’ve already had official approaches from higher league clubs for the services of players which is a demonstration of that. Their reaction to it however was as good as instantaneous. They want to be here. They want to keep pushing this club forward and that’s a testament to the nature of the group. It showcases a real sense of belief and trust in each other, as well as the part they know they can play in our season and hopefully beyond.”

Interviewed by Callum Hardy, Solent Uni