Mike Gilham appointed DoF

We are proud to announce that Mike Gilham has been appointed as Director of Football for Basingstoke Town Community Football Club.

Mike will oversee and implement a football strategy across the club connecting the boardroom with on-field activities.

Mike already sits on the football committee which has recently created a junior leadership group whereby two representatives from each age group were chosen to help create a club ethos, raise standards and be the voice of their squad to ensure we are listening to the future of our club.

Whilst we appreciate the role of Director of Football may appear extravagant at Non-League level we feel it’s important to ensure the positive future of the club – to implement vision and values across the football side of the club at all levels, including youth, academy and women’s teams.

“It’s a proud moment” said Mike Gilham ” I am local lad and since joining this club in an official capacity I am already seeing the difference that this club can have on its community. I am here to softly shape, guide and aid the football culture of the club – something we’ve already made great progress with. I’m really looking forward to working with all the coaches and to demonstrate to them just how valued they are by the club in supporting them in anyway I can.”

Mike will also assist in off-field first team matters when requested by first team manager.

“Mike and I have a great relationship” said Dan Brownlie “I’ve no doubt that his skills and knowledge will help dramatically improve the footballing processes, culture and offer clarity in what we are looking to achieve – particularly through our junior ranks. He has a great understanding of what our team are looking to do and our plans are more than aligned. It’s a significant step in ensuring that consistency of professionalism that we’re striving for. Having Mike on board will positively streamline the efforts of so many.”