Loki Doki Ultras’ Minibus

You may have recently seen a fair bit of activity on our Twitter feeds with our gaming hero friend Loki Doki who is a man on a mission to take Basingstoke Town Football Club to the top tier of English Football using the popular game Football Manager.

His 55K+ following on YouTube and 20k+ on Twitch (YouTube for cool kids) have been following his progress where he has already reached the National League and won an FA Trophy along the way. Whilst its been great entertainment, particularly whilst there has been no football fix for our Basingstoke fans, there has also been a fundraiser running alongside it. With an original target set of an incredible 5K  – we were beyond gobsmacked when that total was smashed into new dimensions having since raced past the 10K mark (as it stands £10,712).

We’ve been receiving donations from across the globe – Denmark, USA, Norway and Spain to name but a few. Not only has the fundraiser been a huge success, we’ve also found ourselves shipping merchandise to wide and far. If you’re reading this – you are incredible.

We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can use the money – something that would be an investment for the club, save money in the long run and also provide provision for community run projects and our own senior and junior sides. 

Having had further conversations with Loki about the use of the money, we are all in agreement that the purchase of a Loki Doki sponsored Mini Bus is the way forward. Loki Doki loves the idea and is immensely proud of what his followers have created, and whilst we too are hugely grateful for what they have done for us – our main thanks has to be pointed in the direction of Loki for making this happen in the first place.

The Academy particularly have suffered for a long time in terms of travel booking and as I am sure you will appreciate, it’s no cheap venture. A club mini bus will provide a real financial relief and greater provision for all our sides and of course our work within the community.

We are currently on the search for a suitable minibus, if anyone has any contacts that would be able to provide us with a great rate or perhaps further sponsorship through it, it would be most welcomed.

Once again, we truly appreciate all the support and hope you continue to watch our rise as Loki leads us to virtual glory!

Just look at this total! Amazing…