#HistoryIsWatching: ACV Decision…

In a letter to Chairman Kevin White earlier this afternoon the Basingstoke & Deane council have made us aware of the decision in relation to the review of the Camrose as a listing of an asset of community value.

We are delighted to announce that Fiona Thomsen – Head of Law and Governance and Monitoring Officer at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, has confirmed that the decision to list the Camrose as an ACV has been upheld.

Basron and the former Basingstoke Town Football Club Chairman, Rafi Razzak has 28 days in which to decide whether to appeal the decision to the First Tier Tribunal.

The current land owners declined an oral hearing and the Head of Law and Governance, having considered the information before her, determined a hearing was not required to reach a decision.

In the review by Ms Thomsen it was cited that:

“Given there is an active campaign group and planning permission has not yet been secured for the redevelopment of the site, my view is that community use remains a realistic possibility and I am therefore upholding the listing of the site as an asset of community value.”

“The main consideration for me in determining this review is the fact that planning permission has not been granted and is currently the subject of an appeal. Until the owner has planning permission he is not in a position to prevent further community use in the next 5 years.”

Chairman Kevin White said of the news “We’re really pleased with the decision, it’s the right one and we’re pleased that Council has done the right thing for the community and the borough of Basingstoke. It has always been a community asset, but it’s not about what it once was as it’s only a very small part of what it could be. It’s great news for our club, its supporters, the borough and sporting venues up and down the country.”

Save The Camrose Committee Chairman, Colin Stoker said “It’s a step in the right direction and another demonstration of the importance of the Camrose to our community. Securing the site as an ACV is a small victory – I’ve no doubt Lord Camrose would be pleased with today’s news. There are plenty of challenges ahead of us, but this is a victory and a good moment – our work now continues to ensure we have more of these until we’re back at our rightful home.