History Is Watching: The Need For Two Stadiums

Basingstoke FC News Alert

The absolute need to maintain two football stadiums in our town

This week Chairman Terry Brown & Vice Chairman Kevin White have written, on behalf of the Community Club, to the leader of Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council Ken Rhatigan, Deputy Leader Simon Bound and Cabinet Member for Borough Development & Improvement Rebecca Bean to stress the need to maintain two football stadiums in the town.

As the club have not been party to any of the Sport England, Basron and B&DBC negotiations regarding the S106 funding for the loss of The Camrose, we felt it important to continue to stress the need for there to be two stadiums on behalf of our fans, the club, the community and the next generation. The borough council in their own vision only published in Spring 2019 have outlined the importance of sporting facilities.

The Horizons 2050 (https://www.basingstoke.gov.uk/horizon2050) vision which details their plans for Basingstoke by the year 2050, with a key part of that being;

Strengthened health and social care services and local health centres, must support residents to be and live well and adapt to specific needs, impairments and health conditions. This will be complemented by outstanding sports, leisure, culture and community facilities, that are accessible to all, physically, geographically and financially, and which continue to incorporate local provision alongside major attractions.’

Losing a football stadium at this point with no plan for a replacement is not supporting the vision. Here are 3 actions that the borough council can take:

  • In line with growing concern, ask Hampshire County Council to rethink the much-needed Brighton Hill Roundabout scheme to retain the subways for safety reasons and drop the unnecessary and expensive link road through the Camrose.
  • Ensuring that Basron meet the full costs of a replacement stadium should planning be approved
  • Working with all interested parties in securing an alternative site should the Camrose be lost.

This moment will set a precedent for football clubs, and more widely sporting facilities, up and down the country. History will be watching. In this battle, sport should always win when up against a couple of men who are looking to overflow their already filled pockets. This is an opportunity for  the council to stand up for what they know to be right.

We will ensure we keep you fully up to date on developments and rest assured that we, as a club, are working hard on ensuring this town gets the best outcome.

The Link To Our Letter Can Be Found here.