Getting To Know: The Treasurer

Basingstoke Town

Next in line to our interrogation room is our brilliant treasurer Liz Lockie…

Tell us a little bit about what it is you do for the club?

As treasurer of the Club, simply put I look after the money!  That means making sure we are paid  and also  pay our bills on time – but most importantly, make sure we have enough money to run the Club successfully. I have to process all our transactions into our accounting system to generate the accounts and even when the season is curtailed there is still a lot to do. I will soon be working on the budgets for 2021/22 and I have to revise current budgets to see us through the ever changing season 2021/21 to make sure we start next season as strongly as possible. My favourite part however – is the match day, when all the hard work comes together and my favourite job is manning the turnstile which I find a real joy!

How did you become interested in the game?

I have loved football from a very early age, playing football in the streets until it was no longer cool for boys to have a girl in their team at which point I persuaded my Dad to take me to my 1st ever football match as a spectator. That was it, I was hooked. The smell of the newly cut grass, chips before the game and the highs and lows of the long journey home. I always envied people who played football and at the ripe old age of 41 finally got the chance to join a ladies team at the Company I worked for. I had got myself really fit and even though I was significantly older than my team mates, I was accepted and for 3 seasons played in a 6 aside league in Reading. I loved every minute of it, and although it was only for a few years, it was enough that I finally got to play the game I love. There  was also mixed football at lunchtime and this was where I discovered I was great at taking floating corners kicks which my team mate regularly successfully headed goal wards. I had my one and only Berbatov moment where a high long pass to me was only ever going to be controlled with a flick off my left foot to take it past my marker. In what seemed hours whilst I debated the skill I had seen Berbatov do week in week out, I thought what the hell and miraculously pulled it off, passed it to my runner who scored. We all have a football moment, no matter what level, and that was mine.   

How did you get involved at the club?

Initially I was co opted onto the board because the existing treasurer wished to step down. Having taken semi-retirement, I was keen to get involved with a football club, and Basingstoke seemed ideal as I felt I could make a difference. I have really enjoyed the challenge in my short time, there is so much to get involved in and we are starting to see the improvements which is very rewarding. At the AGM I was elected to the board which I was very proud about as you never think people will vote for the numbers geek!


What are the future plans involved in your area of the club?

The goal (pardon the pun) is to make the Club financially secure whilst allowing it to continually develops in all areas. As a community club we want to invest in new teams, girls as well as boys, improve the academy, ladies team and of course the 1st  team – but everything we do has to be steady and planned so we do not overstretch ourselves and fall into the trap many football clubs do, and spend what we don’t have.

A huge thank you to Liz for all her continued hard work and to all our volunteers! We can’t wait to see you again in person soon!