Gazette Campaign Photoshoot

Basingstoke town FC News

On Saturday morning the club attended the photocall from the Gazette as part of their wider ‘Save the Camrose’ campaign that was launched in our popular local paper.

It was great to see many of our supporters attend despite Storm Denis doing his very best to try and deter people. Vice Chairman Kevin White was able to attend whilst the rest of the club were busy preparing for the away game against Melksham that was subsequently called off.

Being offered a chance to meet and talk to some of our supporters, it was a good opportunity to answer questions on the future of the club.

In a wind-swept Facebook live interview with the Basingstoke Gazette, Kevin praised the level of support the club are getting and thanked the Gazette for helping raise the awareness of the club.

He stressed the importance of the fast approaching date of the 31st March 2020 and how critical it is if we are to get football back into Basingstoke.

‘We are laser focussed on what’s best for the future of this club. That at the moment is ensuring it continues to exist and whilst that is a sad reality; it’s important to note. We’re working on ensuring Basingstoke Town Football Club has a secured future and that the only realistic and immediate option will be through playing at Winklebury, back in Basingstoke. When the Club is back in this fantastic town, we can start to build on so many of our existing community projects and practice what we’ve been preaching since we as a community club took over its running.

‘In an ideal world, this current campaign will find a way of saving the Camrose. Our home of so many years and should have been so many more. If and when we get into Winklebury, that doesn’t mean our fight stops; it just means we have a security of existence and gives a true foundation to build upon.’