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Council Letters: #HistoryIsWatching

As part of our ongoing campaign to ‘Save The Camrose’ and secure Basingstoke Town Community Football Club’s future within the town – we have penned letters to each of the Basingstoke & Deane councillors to seek clarification of their individual positions and stance on the future of our club. In the letter we address the urgent need for action to ensure the sustainable future of our 125 year old club and the part that they… Read More »Council Letters: #HistoryIsWatching

Club President Peter Raynbird Passes Away

It is with great sadness that we have been informed that Peter Raynbird has died at the age of 95. Peter was widely and rightly regarded as a true local legend and a great servant to football, and of course, our club. He was registration secretary for Basingstoke and District Football league for over 60 years and was later made president of Basingstoke Town Football Club under then Chairman, Terry Brown. A thoroughly popular man… Read More »Club President Peter Raynbird Passes Away

Basingstoke Go Global!

Football returns to Basingstoke Town but not as we know it – and it’s making waves across the pond.   Popular online gamer Loki Doki has adopted Basingstoke Town FC as his chosen club for his latest ‘save’ on the computer game ‘Football Manager.’   With a loyal fanbase of over 52K subscribers on YouTube alone, Loki creates fun broadcasts where he provides guides, tutorials and tips (amongst some self-proclaimed silly stuff) for gamers.  … Read More »Basingstoke Go Global!

History Is Watching: An Open Letter

An open letter: Mr Razzak, you have an opportunity. An opportunity to rectify a situation that is being watched with great interest by locals, the wider sporting world and its media. I am writing an open letter about meeting with you and Community Club representatives to discuss the future of Basingstoke’s Camrose ground. I am disappointed that my previous request to discuss this matter did not get a response. That said, looking to the past… Read More »History Is Watching: An Open Letter

New Secretary Appointed

We are delighted to announce Jane Lowe as our Women & Girls Secretary for the upcoming season. Jane is a current player for the Women’s set up and has a wealth of experience managing and organising within a team environment. Jane is a great asset to the club, and we look forward to working alongside her to help grow the women & girls section over the coming seasons. If you’d like to get involved with… Read More »New Secretary Appointed

The Camrose Campaign

Following our Club AGM this week, the board and it’s new elected members had their first meeting on Wednesday evening.  During the meeting it was noted by all the board members of how positive the AGM had been – not just logistically (with the added complication of it being virtual) but more importantly – the active role that members played in responding to questions and also asking their own. This was a reminder of just… Read More »The Camrose Campaign

Our Town United

New Chair & Vice Chair

Yesterday evening the Board assembled for their first official meeting since the AGM held last week.   The purpose of the meeting was to outline the roles and responsibilities going forward. During the meeting it was decided that Kevin White will become Chairman and newly appointed board member Colin Stoker will take up the role of Vice Chairman.   Other roles that were organised included: Liz Lockie Treasurer. Katie Oliver Football Secretary. Martin French Club Secretary.  … Read More »New Chair & Vice Chair


Last week it was confirmed that the Camrose has been awarded an Asset of Community Value label by Basingstoke Council. A great step in the right direction, and whilst the path remains complicated with undoubted hurdles and obstacles – the entire club has been buoyed by the recent news and it’s seen as a signal of real intent. Our rightful return to the ground which should act as a sports hub and facility for our community… Read More »#HistoryIsWatching

Camrose: Asset of Community Value

Council list the Camrose as Asset of Community Value Call for Razzak to do the right thing to save the Camrose. 0n 13 February last year The Gazette reported on our discovery of the Camrose Covenant protecting the ground as a sports facility until 2053 as intended by Lord Camrose. There still remains a David and Goliath fight between the community run club in one corner, and on other – Rafi Razzak, the multi-millionaire businessman… Read More »Camrose: Asset of Community Value

Basingstoke Town AGM News

AGM News

Last night our club Annual General Meeting took place which, for the first time in our club’s history, was held virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Chaired by Acting Chairman Kevin White, the AGM covered many aspects of the clubs future, past and present but most importantly the future plans and aspirations of the club. In a positive and active meeting, the level of input from our members was first class. We discussed the… Read More »AGM News