Camrose: The Response Letter.

Basingstoke FC News Alert

A message from Vice-Chairman, Kevin White.

As you may have seen, Terry and I, on behalf of the Board, have written to Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council in response to the Sport England letter detailing the amount that they are provisionally requesting be put forward by Basron as compensation for the loss of the Camrose.


It goes without saying that we believe the amount that they have requested is not adequate for the loss of The Camrose and we felt it important to state our case to the various parties who are part of the Section 106 decisions.


No doubt this will come out in the press over the next couple of days as we know The Basingstoke Gazette are running a story on it and we will ensure everyone is kept up to date as and when we get more news.


The full letter can be found here


Kevin White

Vice Chairman Basingstoke Town Football Club