Camrose: Asset of Community Value

Council list the Camrose as Asset of Community Value

Call for Razzak to do the right thing to save the Camrose.

0n 13 February last year The Gazette reported on our discovery of the Camrose Covenant protecting the ground as a sports facility until 2053 as intended by Lord Camrose.

There still remains a David and Goliath fight between the community run club in one corner, and on other – Rafi Razzak, the multi-millionaire businessman and Camrose ground owner. Razzak’s company bought the land from the Camrose Trustees for £2.4m in 2016 with the intention of property development for his own benefit. However the value of the ground diminished somewhat following the refusal of planning permission on 23 September 2020.

Last week saw another pivotal moment in the campaign to Save the Camrose ground. Under the Local Government Act (2011) the Council agreed to Basingstoke Town’s Community Football Club‘s application to list the Camrose as an asset of community value. This means that Razzak‘s company cannot sell the ground without first giving the Community Club six months to mount a bid.

Club Chairman Kevin White said…

‘We are calling upon Rafi Razzak to act in the interests of the public and to uphold the wishes of Lord Camrose who granted a 100-year lease.      ’

‘With Council support – the ground can be transformed into a community sports hub to benefit the immediate and wider community.  This is already supported by a recent Council/Football Foundation report identified the need for a further full sized artificial pitch in the town’.

BTCFC will be launching a separate fundraising exercise to support saving the Camrose or secure a true like for like alternative.