A Winklebury Update

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Contractor appointed for improvements to borough football facility

We’re pleased to announce that a contractor has been appointed to carry out upgrade works to The Winklebury Complex which will prove to be a vital football facility for the borough and of course, us!

Following a £152,000 funding boost from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council which was agreed in February 2020, SIS Pitches has been appointed to carry out upgrades at Winklebury Football Complex.

The project includes the installation of a new stand and turnstiles, a new public address system, additional fencing and a boardroom.

Work to construct the structures offsite has now begun and installation work is expected to be completed in September.

Terry Brown, Chairman of Basingstoke Town Football Club says “It’s a big moment for the club as it all but guarantees our return to Basingstoke. I’m incredibly pleased for the club and the players who will benefit from this facility but most importantly our incredible fans who have been through an awful lot over the years; this a moment of real positivity that we hope will be the foundation to our ongoing success. This really is a great moment.” 

Kevin White, Vice Chairman added “With the news that Step 1 & 2 are looking to restart in September; it is assumed, at least, that steps 3 & 4 will quickly follow suit and this will hopefully fall perfectly in line with the start of our season. There is a lot of work still to be done; including our campaign for the rightful second stadium but for now, this is a great moment for the club, our supporters and the borough.”

Martin French, board member and head of the Supporters Club added  “This is superb news for all Basingstoke fans, and gives us a real lift and some positive belief that football will be back soon and hopefully back to where it should be in Basingstoke”.