A Message From The Chairman

In the week building up to our return back to the town – I would personally like to thank all of our incredibly loyal supporters who have made our return to Basingstoke possible.

Without those fans who purchased season tickets, travelled to the likes of Winchester, Bath, Bristol and Barnstable – thank you.

To the local supporters who could not travel but took the time to listen to our own fantastic Nick Wilson and his match day commentary.

To the supporters of our 200 Club who continue to contribute on a monthly basis.

To the fans who buy our Lucky 7 and 50 \ 50 tickets.

I would also Like to thank all the Volunteers including our Board Members who have devoted so much time and expertise over two years of their lives to ensure the club can celebrate its 125th Anniversary… back in Basingstoke .

We would not be moving into Winklebury without the help and assistance of Neil Cassar and Ian Walkom at the Hampshire FA – Thank You.
Another big thank you to Paul Martin at the Council, who has worked tirelessly to ensure the upgrade of the Stadium is for the benefit of everyone in the community. A big thumbs up to Angie Freeman, Shirley Keer and everyone at the youth project who have allowed us to share their home .
A big thank you to the independent Supporters Club whose continued funding has allowed the club to stay alive. Everyone at the Gazette, who have shown the power and influence that a local paper can make to the Community – making sure that Councillors and Property Developers are held to account for their actions.
Saturday’s game signals the completion of Phase One of the Community Clubs Manifesto. The long term plans are for the return of a Second Stadium for the Community. The Community Club will be releasing a mission statement this month to outline the hopes and asperations of our Eco Friendly Family Community Club. This Mission Statement will outline the clubs strategy to become a real benefit to the Children and residents , young or old of our town, our town united!
Yours Sincerely
Terry Brown .