Stadium announcement

Following the weekend draw at Kings Langley, there has been an update in the stadium situation at the club. In the coming weeks there will be planning applications submitted for ground improvements to enhance the capacity at the Winklebury Football Complex and for redevelopment of The Camrose stadium site.
The club are also pleased to confirm that it will continue to play at The Camrose for the remainder of this season, 2017-18. Heads of terms have also been agreed for the club to play at Winklebury from season 2018/19.

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  1. Kevin Byrne


    Jut a quick query.
    I’m moving to Basingstoke to take up a new job and intend to watch a few games whenever I can.
    Is the club still playing it’s home games for the 18/19 season at The Camrose ?


    Good luck for the rest of the season.


    1. Martin French

      Yes it is confirmed that all games will be played at the Camrose this upcoming season. It is then hoped that the 18/19 season will be at our new ground at Winklebury. It is currently understood that groundworks are planned for May 2019, in time to start in July/August 2019.
      I apologise for the delay in replying to your initial email.


      Martin French

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