Live Text Updates

Live Text Updates

Basingstoke Town FC are trialling the use of live match day text updates, using the Goalshouter platform. Goalshouter are a Virgin Media accelerator company and the platform allows the club to easily track our matches by recording live events such as goals, cards, subs and more. In addition, we are able to share those events directly to social media and our website at the touch of a button.

Goalshouter Features

Goalshouter offers the club some great features, including:

  • Single mobile app for fans and club alike
  • Track match day events i.e. goals and cards etc
  • Integration with social media
  • Ability to report on match day stats

Text Update Sponsorship

Your organisation’s logo can appear on our match day, text update area. This opportunity will bring you great exposure to the club’s supporters and website visitors.

With over 7.5k followers on Twitter and 30-40k views of the website per month, your organisation is sure to reap the benefits when sponsoring the match day updates feed.

Match Day Text Update Sponsorship


  • Single match day sponsorship

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