Junior Dragons: Plastic Revolution

A huge thank you to everyone who helped organise the successful launch of our new Junior Dragons membership scheme.

Over thirty children attended the launch where all the children were awarded season tickets, a dragon t-shirt and a Stokie The Dragon mascot.

The newly formed Weyr of Junior Dragons were guided on our clubs new commitment to become, to the best of our ability, plastic free.

Led by Community Club chairman Terry Brown, the children were challenged to draw their view of the sea. Many children of course drew Octopus, Sharks, Whales and Coral Reefs. But of course the sad reality of our seas is that it is becoming increasingly polluted by plastic waste. 

The children watched a series of videos and have all committed to helping us as a club to be more aware of what we use and purchase. 

Our ambition is to become plastic free, which is why each Junior Dragon was also awarded a new dragon drinking bottle to encourage them to not buy plastic bottled drinks. 

“It’s actually quite startling how much plastic we use on a day to day basis and that’s without even realising. Sadly most of that ends up in the bin and that’s where our conscious thought has previously ended. Of course, the reality is that plastic ends up in our oceans.” Terry Brown continues “I was so impressed with the kids that came to the launch today, they really bought into the idea.”

A new era dawns. The Dragons have arrived!

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