Basingstoke Town FC - A Community Club


The owner of the (Basingstoke Town FC) and ground (the Camrose) is withdrawing from football and is selling the land for residential development, to recover loans and debts.

This will make homeless the entire club comprising: First Team, under 21 development team, the sports educational academy and the successful community coaching programme.

In response, Basingstoke Town Community FC (the Community Club) has been launched with a democratic structure of one member, one vote, working for the benefit of not just football but the wider community. This includes a specific objective to support a range of social, sporting and cultural activities leading to health and wellbeing benefits. More information about the key features and advantages of Community Owned Clubs is set out in Appendix C. The membership of the provisional board is set out at Appendix B, with an outline of the constitutional arrangements.

The current owner is fully supportive of a move to community ownership. It has been agreed that the Community Club will take ownership debt free and with a sum in the region of £250,000, once planning permission on redevelopment of the Camrose ground is granted.

However, without sufficient resources currently to purchase and develop a new ground, the Community Club is looking for Council support to secure its survival by pursuing one of the three options identified below.

The overall aim is to herald a new era for Basingstoke Town FC – a club with a ground in its home town, a club that makes a positive impact on and contribution to the life and people of the town and borough; a community – owned club that is at the heart of the local community.

The Objectives

To give clarity of direction and focus for the club, its supporters and the board, the community owned club has defined seven objectives – the seven objectives adopted by the community club are:

  1. To secure a permanent home within the town of Basingstoke or the wider borough.
  2. To keep financial sustainability and community focus at the forefront of everything we do.
  3. To be recognised not just as a football club but as a force for good in the community providing opportunities for participation in a range of sporting, social and cultural activities in the immediate community and beyond for youngsters and people of all ages regardless of income, background, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality, religion or moral belief.
  4. To develop local players/coaches (to be recognised as the best non-league Academy in Hampshire).
  5. To play first team football at the highest, sustainable level.
  6. To be a centre of excellence and support for all other clubs, as the most senior club in the area.
  7. To recognise that more can achieved in partnership where the needs of others can be shared and understood and developed for mutual benefit.

With greater certainty about the circumstances in which we operate, these objectives will be translated into SMART objectives, so that progress can be better monitored internally and in consultation with stakeholders.

Read the full Business Plan

The details above are taken from the business plan that was submitted to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council by the community club in June 2017 – click the download button to read the full business plan.