TV Coverage

Basingstoke Town FC highlights to be aired on new Freeview channel…

It’s with great excitement and anticipation that the club can confirm that it will be featured regularly on the new Freeview channel (8) ‘That’s Hampshire’, which is due to go live in the Basingstoke and Andover areas in December 2016.

If you’ve not heard about the new channel, here are some details from FaceTV’s website. FaceTV are the local TV production company who are spearheading providing coverage in the area. You may have noticed that Face are already creating content for the club’s YouTube channel, in preparation for the official channel launch:

Face will be involved in a new Freeview TV channel serving the Basingstoke and Andover areas, to be launched in the Autumn/Winter of 2016. ‘That’s Hampshire’ is one of about 50 new TV channels launching in key towns and cities, and will be transmitted on channel 8 on Freeview, a hugely prominent position on the UK’s main TV platform.

The ‘local TV’ initiative was first announced by the Department of Culture, Media & Sport in 2011. The DCMS commissioned Ofcom to facilitate the role-out of the new channels, as well as provide the regulatory framework. The BBC is also involved, providing seed funding for the channels in their first three years of operation. In return, the channels provide the BBC with local news stories.

In 2012, Face joined forces with That’s Media to bid for the licence to operate the channel in the Basingstoke area. The proposal is for the channel to provide local news and current affairs, features about the area, profiles of local businesses, publicity for charities, promotion of local government services, raise awareness of local crime issues, provide exposure for local entertainment events, and overall to increase the level of high-profile communication to the area in a way that local newspapers and local radio are not able to do.


How else to follow #BTFC...

There are many ways to stay in touch with events at Basingstoke Town FC. As well as social media and the club website, BTFC have launched two new live update services from the 2016-17 season:

  • Mixlr – available via an app, the Mixlr website or a plugin from the club website, supporters can now following live commentary of Basingstoke Town FC, wherever they can get an Internet connection.
  • Goalshouter – live text updates are also available for Basingstoke Town FC matches, via the app, the Goalshouter website or, again, our own club website.

As is to be expected with a non-league club such as BTFC, we are unable to commit to providing live coverage of every game but we are endeavouring to do so and where we cannot, we will try to keep supporters updated in other ways.