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Fund Raising and Player signing: How fans can help

The club would like to formally reiterate what has been stated at the two most recent fans forums.

The signing of players for the coming season is closely linked to the financial health of the club. Unlike previous years where the players’ budget was covered by the Chairman, there is no provision in this season’s budget for player’s wages.

This means that we have to be confident, before making a signing, of covering the player’s wages for the entire season from some other confirmed source. Various fund raising arrangements are being developed but we can’t totally gauge how much they will raise. But the most straightforward option for now is a commitment from an individual or group of individuals to provide a weekly/monthly financial sum.

We are waiting for the formal opening of the independent Community Club bank account (delayed with apologies from the bank in question through their fault in not knowing how to deal with our status!). In the meantime, you can notify your commitment to Steve Williams on 07966 921 584 or email steve.williams@btfc.co.uk.

The greater the number of commitments the more players Terry will be  able to sign.

Once signings or departures are confirmed we shall announce them on the website.

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