Terry Brown and Jason Bristow: Club Statement

The club are pleased to confirm that both Terry Brown and Jason Bristow will be staying for season 2018/19.

Terry will take the title of Director of Football and Jason will be First Team Manager.  The model of being a full-time club will continue in principle, with it being adapted to allow for part time players to be integrated, as has happened in the latter part of this season. The training responsibilities will continue to be jointly shared by Terry & Jason, with a structured mixture of daytime and evening sessions.

This announcement allows Terry and Jason to immediately start making plans for next season and discussions have already taken place with several players.

As it is known next season will be one of transition with the move to Winklebury, therefore it was felt key to ensure as much continuity as possible on the football management side of the club. This has been achieved through constructive and thoughtful discussions with both Terry and Jason.

David Knight


Statement from Terry and Jason:

“Having worked alongside Jason with our current squad over the last two years, I think it would be a mistake to break up the nucleus of this very talented young squad. During this period, we have worked to very taxing reductions with the players budget. The running costs of the first team has been subsidised by the sale of Aaron Jarvis to Luton and Robert Atkinson to Fulham. Both deals included possible sell-ons, first team appearances and preseason friendlies. This season we have received considerable interest from several professional clubs for at least two of our current squad. Jason and I are looking to adapt our training to allow more flexibility.  Our senior players training Tuesday and Thursday evening alongside the young players who will spend Monday and Wednesday following a personalised training schedule with myself and Kelly who will be working with the boys in the gym. This allows us to still capture those youngsters who are released from pro clubs that we think have a good chance of developing by playing senior men’s football instead of going down the under 18/23 Academy Route. During this transitional year, that sees us continuing in the Southern League Premier Division, with new clubs as part of the geographical restructuring, and eventually moving to a new stadium, it is vital that we maintain and improve our status, with several of our local clubs also having enjoyed exceptional seasons. To maintain the backbone of our current squad, we need to increase our membership of both the club and more importantly our 200 club. The club can prosper again at Winklebury, but to do that we have to maintain and increase our supporter base. We can only do that by playing exciting football, that Basingstoke fans can be proud of contributing to and watching in the future.

Thanks for your support, regards Terry and Jason.”

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