IMG Update – Academy, Youth Coaching, Clubhouse and other services unaffected.

The IMG have released this short statement to help clear any confusion that may exist regarding other commercial and community services that are provided by Basingstoke Town FC from the Camrose site for the foreseeable future.

Although the club have agreed a provisional ground-share arrangement for 2017-18 with Farnborough FC – with the hope being still to find a suitable ground within the borough before this option needs to be invoked – the intention is to continue providing its additional services such as; the Academy, Youth & Community coaching, Clubhouse and more, from the Camrose site into the 2017-18 season – the only restriction being that the club cannot play football (or other sports) at the site. Where this restriction directly effects any of the aforementioned services, the club will arrange for suitable locations within the town and borough to be utilised as a substitute to the Camrose.

Will Wilkinson, Head of Digital and Marketing and a member of the IMG, said:

“Every member of the IMG recognises that this is an extremely difficult time for the club and that our fans, players and the parents of children utilising the Camrose facilities are all seeking reassurances, so we hope that this brief statement helps to allay any fears that the community may have. For the IMG, it is business as usual and we are 100% focused on moving through this challenging period and becoming a stronger, united and community-orientated club going forward.”

The IMG will continue to provide regular updates whenever there is meaningful information to share, in order to keep the community of Basingstoke up to date with developments of the town’s football club. You can view all previous updates, including the most recent regarding a potential ground share and other ground options, on the Plan B page here.

4 Responses

  1. Mick prout

    The Camrose football ground is far more than a money making opportunitie to the BTFC fans ,some of our friends ashes are there along with our memories of them.
    Lease the ground and put the club up for sale.
    This situation is of mr Razzak making nobody else’s.
    Mick Prout.

    1. Madstad2301

      Cannot agree more , the ground was given to the club by lord camrose
      Who agreed the chairman and council buy the ground and put the club
      In this position , sell the ground Razzak , get your money back and leave the
      Club to be run by people who care

  2. R Evans

    One man’s greed is casting a shadow over this town and non league football in general. Just sell up Razzak, we’ll pay your loan back in the future if you’re so worried about your money. Go now.

  3. Graham

    This situation is not the fault of Mr Razzack. He has loaned the club a very large sum of money which he quite rightly wants back. If anyone is to blame it is the local authority who virtualy agreed the club could move and rebuild a new ground and at the last minute pulled the plug for the sake of a few dog walkers, which also cost Mr Razzack a considerable sum of money. If I borrow money from anyone I expect to pay it back. Think on.

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