BTFC Community Club Members Meeting Statement

Basingstoke Town Community Football Club

Members Meeting: 13 February 2018

Town to continue to play at Camrose in 2018

At a meeting on Tuesday of the new Community Club formed to take ownership of the football club on the sale of the Camrose Ground, members heard about progress and the proposed move to Winklebury. Delay in a new state of the art Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP) at Winklebury would mean the Town first team continuing to play at the Camrose for the first half of the 2018/19 season with the owners’ approval.

Subject to planning permission, the AGP would not be ready for use by the wider community and the Community Club until towards the end of 2018. Community Club Secretary Steve Williams said all signs were positive about the move to Winklebury. He felt that the delay should be seen as an opportunity to maximise fund raising before the move. The final plans will be publicly available when Hampshire FA submit them as expected this month.

Manager Terry Brown spoke about the club’s model of offering full time training, together with the full-time education academy, as definitely proving its worth in attracting talented youngsters. He said combining that with recruitment of more experienced local players was the way forward despite the financial pressures. He praised the growing development and team spirit of the current squad of players.

Chairman Steve Letch said the Community Club had been successful in unlocking the potential of a new ground in the Town, when once the future didn’t go beyond ground sharing at Farnborough at significant cost. In the absence of any provision for players’ wages in July, the Community Club, its members and supporters had contributed massively to the building and retention of the team (over £41,000). He said ‘Looking forward the challenge was not just to maintain and enhance our fund raising but to broaden support across the community and attract more volunteers who can give whatever help they can.’ Our £20,000 fund raising target until the season end stands at £9,200.

The Community Club Board will consider the best way of supporting the provision of a club house of a sufficient standard at Winklebury, drawing on promised funds from the club owner and potential grants.

Anyone interested in volunteering or wanting to know more should contact Steve Williams, Community Club Secretary e mail or phone 07966921584

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