Basingstoke Town crank it up with victory over Biggleswade Town.

Following their draw with Dorchester on the 24th October, Basingstoke Town have topped this by throwing a 2-0 victory over Biggleswade Town into the bag in a strong performance on their home turf!

Sam Smart knocked in the opening goal in the first half, with Callum Bunting following up with the second after halftime.

It should have been a straightforward catch for Biggleswade goalkeeper, Liam Gooch, as Lucas Perry headed the ball back to him but an unfortunate fumble saw the ball hit the ground and Sam Smart grasped the opportunity to put it across the line and back into the Wader’s goal where it belonged.

After a few, unfortunately, failed attempts, Basingstoke got their next successful finish. At 51 minutes on the clock, Wright launched a free kick in the opposer’s direction, only to be headed away by the visitor’s Gavin Hoyte! Fortunately Sam Smart was in place to knock the ball across for Callum Bunting to sink into the back of the net!

It was pleasant to see the only goals going across the visitor’s line in this home playoff, following the clash with Dorchester last month that, whilst they drew, saw one goal too many rolling across the home side’s goal line.

With the last five matches being either draws or giving the win away to the opposing side, it’s great to see the lads back on form!

Basingstoke did, unfortunately, concede the game to Dorchester on the 28th October, with a 2-1 loss at Dorchester’s Avenue Stadium. But nevertheless, both sides are at incredibly long odds to win the cup. To give it some perspective bookies such as Betway have Basingstoke as 250/1 and Dorchester at twice that, but a cup tie stirs dreams of a domestic cup final. So we can only hope for the best for the lads when they meet with Kings Lynn Town on the 18th November, that they can pull out of the bag once again!

Kings Lynn have had a good year so far, pulling crowds nearly twice as big as last year. They say it’s down to playing entertaining football, so we’ll have to see if our Basingstoke boys can give them a run for their money!

Basingstoke have struggled away all season, with their one win on the road coming in August at Gosport (who have lost every home game they’ve played). Admittedly, it was an 8-0 win, so when it clicks, it really clicks. If the boys can put back half as many between the posts against Kings Lynn, it’ll another welcome early Christmas bonus.

In recent weeks there have been signs, despite some disappointing results, that Basingstoke can turn it on when key players are in form. Sam Argent returned to the club with a prolific scoring record and needs to have his shooting boots on this weekend. A natural finisher like him needs only one chance when on form!

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